Going Up

(Megan Kleven, Emily Whitcomb)

Going Up is an acoustic pop duo made up of Megan Kleven and Emily Whitcomb. Megan & Emily have been writing and performing music for over a dozen years. Their eclectic blend of original acoustic music, fresh takes on classic hits and unique interpretations of current chart-toppers, will always​​ leave you guessing what they'll play next. Primarily accompanying themselves on guitar, Megan & Emily also add a variety of percussive effects using various percussion instruments. 

Driftless Troubadours

(Jason Edward, Megan Kleven, Tim Emmons)

The Driftless Troubadours are made up of Jason Edward, Megan Kleven, and Tim Emmons -- Minnesota singer-songwriters who  have found appreciation in the songs each other creates.  The trio performs their original songs in-the-round.