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To Find His Darling

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Over hill and dale he roamed
though winter wind was howling
he trekked the snow and icy road
and went to find his darling

The cold it pierced and drove him down
and nature she was scowling
but over hill and dale he roamed
and went to find his darling

He came upon a clearing where
the morning sun was shining
the frost upon the leaves it hung
like crystal in the vining

The light it melted gently down
the cold and dreary weather
and left behind an open field
of soft, inviting heather

And there he laid his weary head
on blackened mosses blooming
and then the night did wrap him in
its quiet song of soothing

When he awoke a chill he’d caught
a frightful fall to illness
in deathly sleep he sees her face
and holds her tight and fearless

In dreams forever bound he stays
his heart no more for frowning
for over hill and dale he roamed
and there he found his darling